5 Sensational Restaurants in Jax

October 13, 2016

What’s more exciting than tasting sensational food at a unique restaurant? Jax is home to a number of exciting and unique restaurants which can bring joy to foodies everywhere.

Here are 5 awesome restaurants you should try:

Source: The Candy Apple Cafe & Cocktails via Facebook

The Candy Apple Cafe & Cocktails

400 N. Hogan Street

A full service bar and restaurant which matches with Sweet Pete’s candy store. A majority of menu items correspond to candied treats. You can also encounter French cuisine with a special Southern twist! Make your dining experience more extraordinary with their unique choices of drinks and desserts.

Source: Maple Street Biscuit Company via Facebook

Maple Street Biscuit Company

2004 San Marco Blvd
(904) 398-1004

A really cozy place to dine and simply relax. Enjoy different biscuit specials which are sensationally buttery and oh, so yummy. You might think biscuits would not really satisfy your hunger but, you might think differently when you get a taste of their special menu items.

Source: BB’s Restaurant via Facebook

BB’s Restaurant

1019 Hendricks Ave
(904) 306-0100

Looking for a groovy place to feast both your eyes and taste buds on? This restaurant offers a nice atmosphere and exceptional flavors to make your dining more memorable. If your a dessert-lover, this place would undoubtedly fulfill your cravings.

Source: The French Pantry via Facebook

The French Pantry

6301 Powers Ave
(904) 730-8696

You might think it’s just your regular French restaurant but you’re dead wrong. Just the long line outside makes you curious about what they serve to make people simply wait just to dine. Also, you don’t need to go to an actual wedding just to get a bite of the wedding cake, you can simply taste it here!

Source: Gilbert’s Social via Facebook

Gilbert’s Social

4021 Southside Blvd
(904) 647-7936

If you’re looking for something fresh, this restaurant would definitely give you a nice kick! Dishes are delightfully flavored with herbs and spices. Flavor is definitely something you would expect here. Also, you might get a chance to talk with Chef Kenny as he loves to go around and talk with his customers.


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