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    Guidelines For Choosing A Moving Company

    April 3, 2017

    This article will show you some tips for hiring a moving company. Choosing a moving company can be tricky, you can get charge more than the usual market price or hire a moving company that doesn’t have the workforce or necessary equipment. Unfortunately, this happens, so you should be very careful in choosing your freight or moving company, and you have to check the contract as well thoroughly.

    Here are some tips for hiring a moving or freight company:

    Investigate different delivery and removal companies

    This action is the first and one of the most important steps in choosing a moving company, make a preliminary investigation to see which freight and removal company do a good job.
    Send an e-mail to your friends, relatives or acquaintances to see if they have any recommendations or warnings about a company they have used.
    If the company in which you are interested offers references, do not hesitate to contact them. Search for movers Orange Park, Fl to find moving companies in the area.

    Ask for quotes

    For most removal company within the county, the cost is based on the weight of all that is to be moved, the distance to where it should be, if you want them to pack up, among other services.
    Order two or three quotes according to your needs. It is safest to make a personal consultation. The officer in charge should visit your house to take a look at your stuff, so they can provide a more accurate quote on how much it will cost the move. As much as possible, do not accept a final quote by phone. Visit to ask for a quote from a moving company in Jacksonville, Florida.

    Provide all the necessary details about the freight or moving company

    Make sure the person in charge are well informed of everything that will be moved, this is because the cost can increase if you add something to freight not included in the price. That’s why the person needs to be aware of the extraordinary circumstances that can cause a challenge.

    Get insurance

    Your belongings are safe when they are at home, but not when they are on the road or in the middle of the transfer. So for a long transfer, you may consider buying insurance.

    Pay attention to the contract

    The freight and removals should give you a legal contract. Be sure to read carefully and understand everything before signing. Then secure a copy of the contract, if something goes wrong, so you can keep it handy. Once you sign, you must pay the particular amount in the contract.

    Check legal contract if it includes the company name, types of payments, business data, moving date, and other details about payment.

    Make your move during winter

    If you have the option to transfer during the winter, it is likely that you find a better price. Contact your prospective moving companies few days or even weeks in advance to ask for a quote when your move is scheduled between the months of June to September because it is the time where the moving and freight are busier.
    One tactic is to make clear that you are open to several companies, so you know they have competition, and they will be more likely to negotiate the price with you.

    Fix the moving date

    Your moving company can charge you an extra fee if you change the date that was scheduled to move. To avoid penalties, you should carefully choose the day of your move and make sure that you won’t have another appointment on that day.
    There are other costs you have to consider, for example, moving something heavy like a piano, generates an additional charge.

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