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    Increase Your Site’s Visibility With These SEO Tips

    January 28, 2017

    If there’s one thing that small businesses struggle with, it’s letting people know that they exist. One way to address this issue, is by investing in SEO. If they don’t have enough money to invest in a Jacksonville SEO company, they can read the articles and watch the videos online to learn how to go about it. What’s good about SEO is that it can boost online invisibility and optimize site content.

    Inside the worldwide web, there is a vast array of blogs, e-commerce, information, and media websites that use the basic approach to search engine optimization. What usually happens is they submit their websites to a little over 200 search engines and dump all of the domains and keywords they can think of so that users can easily find their site. There are also those who do take the time to visit forums and blogs – both related and unrelated to their site – to fish for links. They usually leave random, unrelated comments there and leave links that can lead people to their site. Sometimes they even pay companies to do these things for them.

    If all else fails, they’ll do things the traditional way, buy a marketing book, and apply all of the theories and techniques they can find. In some cases, it’s the IT person who ends up doing these things because optimizing their company’s website also means tossing in a few marketing techniques here and there. If you want to avoid these inefficient and ineffective ways to boost your site, you can just commit to SEO and let it work its magic.

    Committing to SEO means working closely with Google – the number one search engine in the world. It manages more than half of the search traffic and makes use of over a hundred algorithms to keep track of and control HTML content, link architectures, external profiles, reputation, popularity, web bots, and of course, PageRank calculation. All of the content that their spider bots gathers from sites that are search-friendly are stored or transferred into a much bigger database known as the index, located on a very powerful grid of network computes. Phew!

    Google considers all of these elements and tallies it to get an overall score, which means, if your site is well optimized in all aspects then you’ll be ranked somewhere in the top of the search results.

    Here are some ways to improve the visibility of your site:

    1. The tags matter.Website

      By merely setting up the title tag properly, you can already boost your site visits. One strategic way to do this is by putting all your keyweords in the title, placing the name of your company on the last part. If you’re a huge brand, then you might want your company name to appear on the first part of the title tag.

      Any local SEO will tell you to always place the content description of your page in between blank quotes accompanied by call to action statements like “shop now”, “call us”, or “sign up here”. You can place the keywords inside quotations marks and place them after “content”. Make sure you add commas so readers can separate the two. This is of no value to Google but will still be reviewed by other search engines.

      Header tags usually appear as H1 and H2. The H1 tag must contain all of the important keywords. The H2 HTML tag should contain the derivatives of your core keywords.

    2. Maximize the Body

    If there’s one thing that wil make people keep coming back to your site, it’s the content. That said, you need to make sure that the content matches the core keywords on your website. The ideal number of words per content is about 400 to 900. Keywords that are in sync with the them or topic on the page should be written in bold. You should also set up a blog since it’s free, and it’s easy to optimize thanks to the available plug-ins. For blogs, you should have at least two entries per week.


    1. Links and Domains

    Capitalize on anchor text and links to boost popularity and reputation around core keywords. Make sure that you get an established URL especially when you’re just starting a new site. Also, make use of keywords that are not difficult to remember. Google easily recognizes domains that have been around for some time and have established their credibility.

    1. Keyword research

      Keyword development is actually a good place to start. Make sure that the pages contain at least two to three core Keywordskeywords and observe. Also, do a little bit of research so you’ll know which keywords have high search counts. If the keywords you use are good, the higher are the chances that your target users will find you.

    2. Keep an Eye on the Competition

    There’s nothing wrong with eyeing what the competition is doing. Type your keywords in the search engine and click on the top three sites that will appear on the search results. Take a look at what they’re doing and see if it’s something that you can apply to your own sites.

    All these tips aside, the main ingredient to boosting visibility is to just enjoy the process. Things can be too technical and frustrating but none of that will matter if you enjoy what you’re doing.